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September 16, 2016

Queen's In The News Friday, September 16, 2016

Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
Andrew, John S
  • Smith School of Business
  • School of Graduate Studies
CTV National Network News: Report released on Toronto and Vancouver housing prices
Dr. Andrew commented on prices in the housing market.
Bala, Nicholas
  • Law
Toronto Star: A 12-year-old boy who brandished a knife while threatening another youth earlier this month has received an unusual sentence
Mr. Bala says it is not uncommon for judges to make decisions that are focused on the needs and aspirations of an individual young person.
Fitneva, Stanka
  • Psychology
Scientific American: Common words share similar sounds in many languages
Dr. Fitneva says the link between word sounds and meanings may not be arbitrary after all.
Pardy, Bruce
  • Law
National Post: Ontario should tear up the contacts it signed with wind and solar energy developers
There is no legal case if the province proceeds properly.
Stuart, Donald
  • Law
Ottawa Citizen: Experts cite error in judge’s second-degree murder decision in the Travis Vader trial.
The Queen’s professor says Ottawa should amend the Criminal Code to bring it in line with Supreme Court Charter rulings to prevent this sort of error. He also appeared in a number of other Postmedia papers including the Montreal Gazette and the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

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