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Queen's In The News Monday, April 22, 2019

Expert Faculty/Department Media Outlets
Archer, Stephen
  • School of Medicine
  • Medicine
  • Division of Cardiology
The Conversation: Five strategies to improve medical training – to reduce stress and boost expertise
Dr. Archer says his suggestions could enhance the expertise of Canada’s newly minted doctors.
Christou, Theodore
  • Arts and Science
  • History
  • Education
Vancouver Province: The latest wave in education
Dr. Christou says while the world is changing, schools seem stuck in the past.
Diane Orihel
  • Arts and Science
  • Biology
  • School of Environmental Studies
The Conversation: Cities and countries aim to slash plastic waste within a decade
Dr. Orihel says in her op-ed It is time for some good news about the environment, including stories about how cities and countries are managing plastics in more sustainable ways. The op-ed also appeared in the National Post.
Rose, Jonathan
  • Arts and Science
  • Political Studies
Hill Times: Federal government ad spending rises after PM’s department bumps up limit 45 per cent in election year
Dr. Rose says comparing recent ad spending totals to those of years past doesn’t provide a full picture of the impact of advertising campaigns.
Smol, John
  • Arts and Science
  • Biology
  • School of Environmental Studies
Kingston Whig-Standard: We are sleepwalking to disaster
Dr. Smol says he can’t help but be frustrated by the lack of urgency some people are showing about climate change.

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