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Available Expert - Americans head to the polls for presidential election

Monday, November 2, 2020

Americans head to the polls on Tuesday to elect a president, as they do every four years on the day after the first Monday of November. With just one day to go, more than 93 million US citizens have already voted, far outpacing early voting in any past elections and accounting for 67 percent of all votes counted in 2016. 

Queen’s University has several experts available to comment on the election results and the fallout that could follow. 

  • American politics expert Fan Lu (Political Studies) is available to comment on the election results. Dr. Lu is watching the results live and will be ready to respond on Wednesday.   

  • Environmental expert John Smol (Biology) is available to comment on the fallout from an environmental angle: “Two very different directions for the environment are being contested with the US elections. The outcome will not only affect local environmental issues, but also the largest global problem facing humanity today -- climate change. Time is running out, as we continue sleepwalking to disaster. 

  • Terrorism and civil unrest expert Amarnath Amarasingam (Religion, Political Studies) is available to comment on potential violence that could erupt after the results are in“Given the level of polarization in the US, the clear statements by far-right and militia groups that they stand at the ready if the President needs their help, and the unwillingness of Trump to denounce these groups clearly and openly, there is definitely a justified fear that a delayed election result could serve as the spark for some sort of violence.” 

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