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Available Expert - Available expert- Queen’s expert weighs in on Quebec’s plan to tax the unvaccinated

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Queen’s University’s Udo Schuklenk (Philosophy) is available to comment on Quebec’s controversial plan to tax the unvaccinated in the face of rising COVID-19 case counts. The new tax would apply to any adult without a medical exemption, who refuses to receive their first dose of the vaccine.  The penalty for the unprotected would be a financial contribution, which could top $100.

 About 10 per cent of adult Quebecers are not vaccinated but represent about half of all patients in intensive care, says Quebec’s Premier Francois Legault.

“Unless we decide to change our health care system to one that punishes people for engaging in behaviours that make it more likely that they will require health care resources, it is unjust to single out patients who are unvaccinated" says Dr. Schuklenk. "That doesn't mean people shouldn't get encouraged to live a healthy life, avoid risky sporting activities, and get vaccinated, what it means is that we shouldn't treat one such group of people different to other risk takers.” 


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