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Available Expert - Available Experts- The Invasion of Ukraine: the latest perspectives on the crisis

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Russia has launched an attack on the sovereign nation of Ukraine from three main directions: north, south and east. Dozens of targets have been struck, as Russian troops pour into the country, and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians flee in search of a safe haven. NATO has responded with harsh sanctions on Russia. Canada has levelled a series of sanctions on key Russian figures and institutions and is working on expediting immigration and consular processes for those looking to leave the region. The country will also be supplying Ukraine with anti-tank weapons systems and upgraded ammunition to be used in response to Russia’s ongoing invasion. Several Queen’s experts are available to speak to media about the impact this invasion will have on Ukraine, Russia and the western world.


Jane Boulden (Political Studies) Dr. Boulden can speak to the role of the United Nations, Canada’s role with negotiations, NATO politics and US policy.

Zsuzsa Csergo (Political Studies) Dr. Csergo can speak about what Russia’s war on Ukraine means for the larger region (the Baltic states and the countries of the former Soviet Bloc).

David Detomasi (Smith School of Business) Dr. Detomasi can speak to factors leading to the rising price of oil and gas.

Thomas Hughes (Political Studies) Dr. Hughes can talk about the military situation, including nuclear policy or strategy, Russian foreign policy, including the Russia-China engagement, NATO policy and strategy, Belarusian foreign policy, Canada, US and European foreign and security policy.

Adri Imseis (Law) can speak to how Russia’s invasion of Ukraine violates international law.

Christian Leuprecht (Political Studies, Policy Studies) Dr. Leuprecht can speak to Military and grand strategy, defence, NATO, EU Military policy, Canadian military contributions to NATO, and Canadian military support to Ukraine.

Kim Nossal (Professor emeritus, Political Studies) Dr. Nossal can speak to Canadian foreign/defence policy implications of the war against Ukraine, and the impact of sanctions.

Ryan Riordan (Smith School of Business) Dr. Riordan can explain SWIFT—what it is, and why cutting Russian banks from the SWIFT payment plan matters.


To arrange an interview, please contact Media Relations Manager Julie Brown (343-363-2763 or julie.brown@queensu.ca) at Queen’s University News and Media Services Department in Kingston, Ont., Canada.  

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