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Available Expert - Bridgerton Season 2: The Regency era and comparisons to Jane Austen

Friday, March 25, 2022

With season two of Bridgerton available today on Netflix, Queen’s University literature expert Robert Morrison is available to speak about how Jane Austen’s work can be seen as a precursor to Bridgerton. He has researched this era in his book The Regency Years: During Which Jane Austen Writes, Napoleon Fights, Byron Makes Love, and Britain Becomes Modern.

The Bridgerton series begins in 1813, the same year that Pride and Prejudice was published. The Regency era, as portrayed in Bridgerton, ran from February 1811 to January 1820.

“Jane Austen is still commonly regarded as a domestic, demure authoress. But her novels contain in outline some of the key preoccupations of Bridgerton, from its concentration on the upper echelons of Regency society to its explorations of romantic love, rakery, ritualized violence, race, and female sexuality,” says Dr. Morrison.

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