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Available Expert - Celebrating the Christmas season

Monday, December 17, 2018

A number of Queen's University experts are available to comment on topics relating to the holiday season. Topics will cover a wide range of areas, including family dynamics, spirituality, shopping and security.

Galen Watts (Cultural Studies) is available to comment on how the millennial generation understands and practices spirituality.

“Of course, the holidays are often presented in advertisements and popular culture as a time of joy and laughter, yet for many this is not the reality,” says Mr. Watts. “The holidays are often a time of great sorrow and loneliness, especially for those who have lost friends, are dealing with family troubles, or are suffering with mental illness. The disjunction between our culture of positivity and many people's actual feelings can make the holidays all that much more difficult to endure. This is another reason why the holidays can have great spiritual significance for some; the opportunity to face one's suffering or help with another’s is central to many young Canadians’ understanding of the spiritual.”

Kip Pegley (School of Music) is available for interviews on Christmas music and what it does to us during the holiday season.

“What is the impact of Christmas music we hear on television, on the radio and in the malls,” asks Dr. Pegley. “When is it helpful to put shoppers into a Christmas mood and when does it add to their stress levels? Can this music--which we hear for weeks on end--hurt as much as it helps?”


Also available for comment are Monica LaBarge (Business) who can speak to Christmas marketing and David Murakami Wood (Surveillance Studies Centre) who can comment on gift giving and privacy issues.


To arrange an interview, please contact communications officer Anne Craig (613-533-2877 or anne.craig@queensu.ca) at Queen’s University News and Media Services Department in Kingston, Ont., Canada.

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