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Available Expert - Celebrating the Christmas season

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Celebrating the Christmas season

A number of Queen's University experts are available to comment on topics relating to the holiday season. Topics will cover a wide range of areas, including family dynamics, spirituality, shopping and security.

Heidi Cramm (Rehabilitation Therapy) is available to comment on military families and the stress they experience during the holiday season.

"There are the ongoing lifestyle stressors for military families, who move three to four times more frequently than their civilian counterparts, often to new provinces and sometimes more remote regions," says Dr. Cramm. "This puts them away from established networks of of families and friends, so holidays may look different. Combine that with the potential for the serving member to be away on deployment or training exercises for months at a time, and the military family may not be able to enjoy the full family being together during any holiday. Military families are the strength behind the uniform, serving in their own ways."

Nick Bala (Law) is available to comment on family issues that could happen during the holiday season – including children dealing with parents who are separated.

“The holiday season is a time of joy with a special focus on children, but for children whose parents are separating it can be an especially stressful period,” says Professor Bala. “Parents, grandparents, aunt and uncles of children in this situation need to be especially thoughtful at this time of year, sharing the holidays and supporting the child’s relationship to the ‘other parent.’”

Also available for comment are Galen Watts on spirituality, David Murakami Wood on gift giving in the era of privacy issues, Monica LaBarge on Christmas marketing and Kip Pegley on the effect of Christmas music.

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