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AVAILABLE EXPERT - Celebrating Pi Day

Monday, March 14, 2016

Queen’s University math professor Mike Roth is available to comment on Pi Day. This year the day is extra special as math experts are calling it Rounded Pi Day. When rounding pi to the ten-thousandth (that’s four numbers past the decimal point), it comes out to 3.1416, matching today's date - March 14, 2016.

“Pi Day is a celebration of the number Pi, the number governing the lengths and areas of circles, and surface areas and volumes of spheres, as well as appearing in many other formulae,” says Dr. Roth. “Historically, calculating Pi correctly was of practical significance, but it was made more difficult by the fact that Pi is a transcendental number — a number which cannot be expressed as a rational number, nor as a root of any polynomial with rational coefficients. This means that it was impossible for our ancestors to express the exact value of Pi since it was a number out of reach of their system of numbering.  Pi was the first such transcendental number to be found, and the only one known to us for thousands of years.”

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