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Available Expert - Daylight savings affects sleep habits

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Queen’s sleep expert Alistair MacLean is available for comment on how time moving forward an hour this weekend can impact sleep patterns.

“There is strong evidence that the switch to or from Daylight Savings Time will affect the sleep of most individuals,” says Dr. MacLean. “Typically, the changes in sleep include: difficulty falling asleep or more easily disturbed sleep, both of which may persist for as long as a week.” 

“People who already have problems with sleep or who are more extreme morning or evening types may be more vulnerable,” he says. “The evidence regarding increases in pedestrian and vehicle traffic accidents, non-driving accidents, and stock market behaviour is mixed but is sufficient enough that individuals should be more cautious in the few days following a time change.”

Dr. MacLean adds, “The spring change is usually more difficult to deal with than the autumn change.”

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