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Available Expert - Delegates from the Queen's Institute for Sustainable Finance join world leaders at COP26 to stave off effects of climate change

Friday, October 29, 2021

Environmental experts from Queen’s University are available to speak about the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) and the developments from the summit as they relate to their area of expertise.

The COP26 runs from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12 in Glasgow, Scotland. This conference is important as representatives from over 200 countries will meet to work towards the goals of the Paris Agreement. Those who signed the agreement in 2015 committed to limiting greenhouse gas emissions in order to keep the temperature rise well below 2.0 degrees Celsius this century, with efforts to keep the rise below 1.5C.

Delegates from the Institute for Sustainable Finance, including Ryan Riordan (Smith School of Business), will be in Scotland for the COP26. On Nov. 3, “Finance—mobilising public and private finance flows at scale for mitigation and adaptation”—is on the agenda at the world summit.  

The conference’s program of events can be found on the UKCOP26 website.

Available Queen’s experts who can speak to key issues at the summit:

Myra Hird (Environmental Studies): Waste, recycling, circular economy, and waste as a social justice issue

Melissa Lafreniere (Geography and Planning): Thawing of permafrost and its impacts on hydrology and water quality, and the organic matter cycling

Warren Mabee (Policy Studies): Energy and environmental policy

Ryan Riordan (Smith School of Business): Sustainable Finance, the role climate risks play in asset prices

John Smol (Biology, Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change): Paleolimnology, how ecosystems change over long time frames in response to both natural and human-induced environmental change

Ed Struzik (Policy Studies): Wildfires, peatmoss

Kyla Tienharra (Global Development Studies): Environmental governance and the political economy

To arrange an interview, please contact Media Relations Officer Victoria Klassen (Victoria.klassen@queensu.ca) at Queen’s University News and Media Services Department in Kingston, Ont., Canada.   

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