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Available Expert - Democratic Party in disarray after email leak

Monday, July 25, 2016

Queen’s University technology expert David Skillicorn is available to comment on the 19,000 leaked Democratic National Committee emails. The Friday leak by the WikiLeaks website confirmed Sanders’ frequent charge that the party played favourites in the race.

The Clinton camp questioned whether Russians may have had a hand in the hack attack on the party's emails and were interested in helping Trump, who has exchanged words of praise with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The release of the DNC emails at this particular moment shows that there's an actor who (a) has the technical capability to hack commercial-grade email systems, and (b) is willing to deploy the resulting information to influence the U.S. political process,” says Dr. Skillicorn.

Dr. Sillicorn adds such an actor must surely also have had the skills to access the emails on the Clinton email server. While everyone with technical knowledge already assumes that the Clinton email server was hacked, probably by several nation-states and possibly by other, making that virtual certainty into an actual certainty by going public would have repercussions for the election. And now we know that there's at least one actor with the skills and intention to do just that.

Dr. Skillcorn has commented on a variety of technology stories including Canada’s cyber-security strategy, the Sony hack, the Heartbleed virus and the Shellshock security flaw.

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