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Available Expert - Don Drummond: Who will stand up for fiscal discipline in Ontario?

Friday, May 25, 2018

Queen’s economist and Stauffer-Dunning Fellow at Queen’s School of Policy Studies, Don Drummond, is available for comment on a new op-ed he has written in the lead-up to the Ontario election that examines fiscal policy and party politics in the province.

“Who will stand up for fiscal discipline in Ontario?” he asks. Read Professor Drummond’s full commentary.

Professor Drummond is well-qualified to answer this question. As a former associate deputy minister in Finance Canada, he was responsible for economic analysis, fiscal policy, tax policy, social policy and federal-provincial relations and coordinated the planning of the annual federal budgets. He was subsequently Senior Vice President and Chief Economist for the TD Bank (2000-2010), before joining the School of Policy Studies in 2010. In 2011-12, Professor Drummond served as Chair for the Commission on the Reform of Ontario’s Public Services. Its final report, released in February 2012, contained nearly four hundred recommendations to provide Ontarians with excellent and affordable public services.

Professor Drummond can be reached for comment directly at: 613.406.9105 or 613.692.9105 or via email at drummond@queensu.ca.

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