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Available Expert - Extreme red flag warning issued as fires rage around Los Angeles

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Queen’s University expert Ed Struzik is available to comment on the National Weather Service in Los Angeles issuing its first-ever extreme red flag warning. The weather service is using the term for the first time to convey fire conditions that have not been seen in recent memory. Hurricane-force winds are expected to blow across bone dry vegetation.

“Canada’s wildfire problem is not yet the nightmare that California is today,” says Dr. Stuzik. “We don’t have that many people in harm’s way. But we do have more forests than California does. And within those forests we have 116 million hectares of land in which communities, utilities, pipelines, railroads, roads and bridges are vulnerable. That’s an area slightly larger than Ontario. The threat will continue to grow as the climate heats up and as more people continue to live, work and play in the boreal forest.”

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