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Available Expert - International Space Station visible from Earth

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Queen’s University expert Mark Richardson is available to comment on the International Space Station (ISS) being visible from Earth for about the next two weeks. Newly aboard the ISS is Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques.

In Southern Ontario, the ISS will appear around 5:12 pm for a five minute pass.

“It might be cold, but the longer nights mean more time to stargaze,” says Dr. Richardson. “For the next ten days, there’s more to see than just the stars. The ISS, with Canadian astronaut Saint-Jacques and his five crewmates, will be visible early each evening until Dec. 16, sometimes twice a night. Amazingly, it was just 61 years ago humans experienced this for the first time with Soviet satellite Sputnik 1. While today, city lights and cloudy nights aside, seeing satellites is more common, almost nothing can be more inspiring than seeing six people flash across the sky at over 25,000 km/h.”

Dr. Richardson works as the Education and Outreach Officer at the Queen’s-based McDonald Institute.

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