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AVAILABLE EXPERT – Microsoft Windows 10 privacy concerns

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Queen's University sociology professor David Murakami Wood is available to comment on privacy concerns raised by hidden features in the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.
"Windows 10 is a privacy minefield. Any privacy specialist will tell you that settings that are privacy invasive should always be opt-in not opt-out. All of Windows 10's setting are at their most privacy invasive as a default," says Dr. Murakami Wood
"This is not just as an issue of targeted advertising, we also know from the Snowden revelations that Microsoft is one of the companies that is most compliant with the US National Security Agency, so there is no guarantee that your private information will not end up in US state intelligence databases .

"I am particularly concerned about the new parental controls. It is one thing to control access to the Internet for children - very few people would dispute that. However the assumption that children deserve no privacy is a pernicious one. First of all, it buys into the myth that our children are now uniquely at risk from strangers on the Internet, when we know that children are more likely to be harmed within families. Secondly, it undermines the possibility of open and honest relationships based on trust between parents and children. And finally, it subverts children's necessary personal growth and discovery, and sets them up for a lifetime of expecting to be under surveillance."

Dr. Murakami Wood is an Associate Professor in the Queen's Department of Sociology. He is also the Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Surveillance Studies and a member of the Surveillance Studies Centre. Dr. Murakami Wood is available for interviews on September 10, 2015

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