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AVAILABLE EXPERT: Militants target Egyptian tourist sites

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Queen’s University Middle East expert Houchang Hassan-Yari is available to comment on militants setting off an explosion near the Karnak temple in Luxor on Wednesday. This is the second assault in a week targeting Egyptian tourist sites. The attack suggests the militants are now targeting the tourism industry, an important piece of the Egyptian economy.

“The attacks in Egypt have two goals,” explains Dr. Hassan-Yari. “First, to destabilize the government of Sisi. Then, to denounce any pre-Islamic civilizational symbol. With the rise of terrorist groups claiming Islam as their ideology, we will witness the destruction of ancient historical monuments. This cultural cleansing is central to the ideology of the new Islamists.”

Please note, Dr. Hassan-Yari (who speaks French, English and Farsi) wants to be identified in the media as a Middle East expert from Queen’s University and Royal Military College.

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