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Available Expert - More housework, less sexual desire in women

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

New Research by Queen’s expert, Sari van Anders (Psychology) finds that unequal involvement in household chores by men and women leads to a lower sexual desire in women. Dr. van Anders worked on this study, published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, with Emily Harris from the University of Melbourne and Aki Gormezano, a graduate student at Queen’s.

Over 1,000 women, who performed approximately 70 per cent more household labor than their male partners, participated in the study. Results highlighted that these inequities in household labor were associated with lower desire in women, and that this was explained both by perceiving the division of labor as unfair and by perceiving men partners as “dependents,” meaning that women felt as though they were providing instrumental care and support for their partners that wasn’t being reciprocated. Findings from this study challenge the assumption that low desire is a problem for individual women to fix.

“Just as women have these heteronormative roles pushed on them, men rarely choose these inequities either; yet without conscious work against them, gender inequities will persist in relationships and have consequences for everyone,” said Dr. van Anders. 

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