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    AVAILABLE EXPERT - Motives behind today's attack in Belgium

    Tuesday, March 22, 2016

    Queen's University Centre for International and Defence Policy Fellow, Chris Kilford, is available to comment and provide analysis on today's terror attacks in Brussels, which killed aproximately 34 people and wounded nearly 200 others (as of 11 AM EDT). 

    "When an extremist group such as the Islamic State starts to lose territory it becomes difficult to sustain its brand and supporting global fan base," says Dr. Kilford. "Terrorist operations are a means to try and recapture the initiative.  And with the return of hundreds of foreign fighters, western countries should expect continuing terrorist attacks such as those in Paris and Brussels."

    Dr. Chris Kilford served in the Canadian Armed Forces as an artillery officer from 1982-2014, and as Canada’s Defence Attaché to Turkey from 2011-2014. He is currently a Fellow with the Queen’s Centre for International and Defence Policy. Dr. Kilford has spoken extensively in the media on the topics of Turkish and Middle Eastern security issues, civil-mililtary relations in developing countries, Canadian foreign and defence policy, and terrorism.

    Dr. Kilford is available for interviews via Skype and Facetime.

    To arrange an interview, please contact communications officer Chris Armes (613-533-6000 ext. 77513 or chris.armes@queensu.ca) or Anne Craig (613-533-2877 or anne.craig@queensu.ca) at Queen’s University News and Media Services Department in Kingston, Ont., Canada.

    Follow Queen’s News and Media Services on Twitter: http://twitter.com/QueensuMedia.

    Attention broadcasters: Queen’s has facilities to provide broadcast quality audio and video feeds. For television interviews, we can provide a live, real-time double ender from Kingston with HD-SDI. Please call for details.



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