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Available Expert - New chemical weapons attack in Syria

Monday, April 9, 2018

Queen’s University expert on the Middle East Houchang Hassan-Yari is available to comment on the recent use of chemical weapons in Syria, as well as the escalation of conflict in the past days.

"A new chemical attack took place against Ghouta – a narrow territory under the control of anti-Assad regime in Syria,” says Dr. Hassan-Yari. “The attack was followed by a missile attack against government forces. Who is the author of those attacks? Why does the international community not react to the chemical attacks? What is the role of Russia and Iran in the Syrian war?"

Please note: Dr. Hassan-Yari (who speaks French, English and Farsi) wants to be identified in the media as an expert on the Middle East from Queen’s University and Royal Military College.

To arrange an interview, please contact communications officer Dave Rideout (613.533.6000 ext. 79648, 613.453.5676, or dave.rideout@queensu.ca) or Anne Craig (613.533.2877 or anne.craig@queensu.ca) at Queen’s University News and Media Services Department in Kingston, ON, Canada.

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