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AVAILABLE EXPERT: Paris attack puts PM Trudeau in awkward situation

Monday, November 16, 2015

Queen’s University political expert Christo Aivalis is available to comment on Justin Trudeau’s election promise to end the bombing against ISIS after the recent events in Paris.

“You might say that Justin is trying to toe the line, where he is reaffirming his solidarity with the mission against ISIS/ISIL, but while ending the bombing that he promised to do in the election,” says Dr. Aivalis. “The Paris situation puts him in a really interesting spot, and shows how narrow a balance beam it can be to withdraw the bombing efforts while still claiming to be part of the anti-ISIS mission; this is especially true since France itself has recently ramped up its bombing efforts since Friday.”

He can also speak to Prime Minster Trudeau’s position in relation to his father Pierre on this issue, specifically how they are toeing a line internationally.

“Pierre, for instance, would often side with his western European/NATO allies on foreign affairs, but would also try to assert his and Canada's independence on such matters, acting almost as a middle point between the western countries and the neutral states,” says Dr. Aivalis. “This was in part an assertion of Canada's middle power status, and an effort in some cases to differentiate Canada from the growing sense of postwar American Imperialism.”

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