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    Available Expert - Policing the Convoy

    Friday, February 4, 2022

    Queen’s Expert Andrew Graham (Policy Studies) is available to speak to media about the policing efforts being deployed to help end the tricky stalemate between the federal government and members of the trucker protest. Now into its eighth day in Ottawa, the RCMP will be deploying additional forces to assist Ottawa police with policing the demonstration.

    With the organizers vowing to stay in Ottawa, and more people scheduled to roll into town to join the demonstration, some leaders are calling for increased measures-including calling in the Canadian Armed Forces to protect the neighbourhoods and residents. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said using the military to clear the convoy is not in the cards.

    “Bringing in the armed forces is a high risk move with a lot of unintended consequences possible,” says Graham. “It has to be seen as the move of last resort and there has to be a reason for it. First, is there an insurrection? This is contained, annoying and inconvenient as it is, no further actions are now underway. Second, is this sedition? Already there is talk of American money and involvement. The goofy demands suggest so. Establishing that would suggest further cause to terminate the protest with force. Third, has talk been exhausted. To date the government has chosen to not talk to any of the protestors. As potentially tricky as that it is, something has to happen so that the government, if it goes the Emergency Act route, will be able to say we exhausted this route.”

    The ‘Freedom Convoy’ members also plan to travel to other Canadian cities like Toronto and Quebec City, hoping to put pressure on governments to end all pandemic mandates.

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