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Available Expert - Queen’s early childhood education expert speaks to Ontario’s $10-day daycare program, the funding model, and what it means for workers

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Today, Nov. 1, is the deadline for child-care operators to opt-in to Ontario’s $10-a-day daycare plan. While this program is highly attractive and economically beneficial for recipients, there are concerns about what it means for early childhood educators and how child-care centres will be funded.

Kristy Timmons (Early Childhood Education) is available to talk about Ontario’s $10/day daycare plan, the misconceptions about opt-in, and not-for-profit versus private child-care operators. She is also able to speak about how a large focus on the plan has been to reduce fees for parents, without consideration for the early childhood educators and the need for decent work and pay.

As of Oct. 21, the Ontario government said that 86 per cent of child-care centres had signed on to the program. While the Ontario government has ensured that revenue for licensed child-care operators will remain unchanged through 2023, many child-care operators are still left with questions and concerns about the funding model and what lies ahead after 2023.

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