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Available Expert - Queen’s expert speaks to re-opening of the U.S.-Canada Border

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Queen’s expert, Christian Leuprecht (Policy Studies) is available to speak about the re-opening next month of the U.S.-Canada border that was recently announced. Dr. Leuprecht can speak to the Open Borders Paradox, which maintains that borders depend on extensive cross-border cooperation both for their effectiveness and legitimacy.

The land border between Canada the U.S. has been closed for non-essential travel for over 18 months. U.S. officials announced a plan to begin reopening the land borders with Canada and Mexico for fully vaccinated visitors starting in early November.

“The way Canada and the United States managed their joint land border in response to COVID-19 illustrates the extent to which functional borders are a reflection of democracy more broadly,” said Dr. Leuprecht.

“With the pandemic looming, both countries leveraged the binational cross-border architecture that had been built over the previous 20 years to coordinate expeditiously and proficiently to ‘close’ the border. Yet, given the highly integrated nature of the two economies, in an effort to minimize the impact for continental prosperity, the border stayed actually open for essential traffic. The ability to calibrate the border to such an extent on so short a timeline under pressing crisis conditions demonstrates just how well managed the U.S.-Canada border is.”

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