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Available Expert - Queen’s expert speaks to what is next for the Green Party after the emergency Green Party meeting and Annamie Paul’s comments on Jenica Atwin’s departure from the Green Party

Monday, June 21, 2021

Queen’s expert Stéphanie Chouinard (Political Studies) is available to talk about Annamie Paul surviving the emergency Green Party meeting, Paul’s comments on Jenica Atwin’s departure from the Green Party caucus and what is next for the Green Party. The emergency Green Party meeting was held on June 15, which could have started the process of removing Paul from leadership.

"Atwin's departure is significant, considering she was the only Green MP outside of BC,” says Dr. Chouinard. “Her defection to the Liberals is important as it signals that the federal Greens will likely have difficulty once again electing MPs outside of their traditional range of influence." 

"Ms. Paul's attacks on the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minster for welcoming Atwin in the Liberal caucus were unwarranted, according to Dr. Chouinard. According to her, Ms. Paul's comments were offside—they show either she doesn't understand the political game, or knows she is in trouble and is grasping at straws. Dr. Chouinard also highlighted that the Greens themselves have done the same in the past, bringing former NDP member Pierre Nantel into their caucus in 2019." 

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