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Available Expert - Queen’s research will look at differences in symptoms from tick-borne illnesses across Canada

Monday, May 16, 2022

Tim Salomons (Psychology) and Madelaine Gravelle (Masters of Science, Psychology) are available to speak to media about a new research initiative led by early-career researchers at Queen’s University that takes a closer look at the link between tick bites and disease. They are part of the MyLyme project that is surveying Canadians to better understand the factors that explain why different individuals experience tick-borne disease in different ways across the country.

This month, MyLyme is conducting their annual online survey, which is open to people across Canada who are experiencing Lyme Disease-related symptoms and/or have a history of tick bites. The team will use these data to guide field work and laboratory-based models aimed at understanding how symptoms develop and why different people experience unique patterns of symptoms.

People who are bitten by a tick carrying Lyme Disease can develop symptoms that often look like other illnesses, so misdiagnoses are common. These people can develop serious, long-term symptoms, like severe pain and stiffness, tiredness, memory problems, and even temporary facial paralysis. Since early identification of Lyme Disease is vital to effective treatment with antibiotics, understanding the wide range of symptoms that people experience is important.

“It is our hope that adopting a holistic approach to Lyme Disease research will result in a better understanding of why Lyme Disease may present differently across people and/or geographic regions. We want to hear from people about their symptoms, even if they haven't tested positive or haven't been able to get a clinical diagnosis of Lyme,” says Gravelle.

Please visit the website, MyLyme.ca for details. An affiliated patient affected by Lyme Disease can be arranged for interviews as well.

To arrange an interview, please contact Media Relations Officer Victoria Klassen (Victoria.klassen@queensu.ca) at Queen’s University News and Media Services Department in Kingston, Ont., Canada.   

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