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AVAILABLE EXPERT: Riots in Baltimore

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Queen’s University policing expert Christian Leuprecht is available for comment on the current riots in Baltimore and the role of police.

“Police are the ultimate instrument of social control.  But when the application of violence by the state is perceived to become an overt mechanism of social control that is perceived to be directed overtly against a readily identifiable group – be they immigrant populations or African Americans – in a context of economic deprivation and social alienation, riots appear to become much more likely,” says Dr. Leuprecht.

Dr. Leuprecht is an expert in policing costs and police services.

“These riots show that appropriate training and education, accountability, models of policing and police leadership matter: whether front line officers think of their job as 'law enforcement' or providing a client-based service in support of community safety makes all the difference,” says Dr. Leuprecht. “In a liberal democracy, the application of violent force by the state must always be a last resort and police must be proactive about building crime-prevention relationships and strategies with communities. Police leaders must also earn the trust and confidence of their respective communities.”

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