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Available Expert - Severe flooding and storm damage during Hurricane Ida will have lasting impacts in coastal Louisiana

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Queen’s experts Ryan Mulligan (Civil Engineering), Korey Pasch (Political Studies), and Katerina Genikomsou (Civil Engineering) can speak to the cause and lasting effects of Hurricane Ida.

Ida severely damaged the region’s power grid, leaving the entire city of New Orleans and thousands of other Louisiana residents in the dark. Other parts of the state suffered major flooding and structure damage.

Dr. Mulligan can speak to the causes of the severe weather, Dr. Pasch can speak to the economic and political impact of Ida, and Prof. Genikomsou can speak to building infrastructures that can withstand environmental disasters.

“The impacts of Hurricane Ida speak to the increasing urgency of dealing with the climate crisis and the dangers of compounding disasters. On the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is now dealing with a COVID surge straining its hospitals and the aftermath of a devastating hurricane. The situation unfolding demonstrates the complex and difficult politics of multiple disasters occurring at once and reminds us of how disasters can magnify one another and that they will happen again” says Pasch.

“Coastal communities need to protect, assess and in many cases re-design their infrastructures to be more resilient” says Genikomsou.

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