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AVAILABLE EXPERT: Sewage dump continues in Montreal

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Queen’s University environmental expert Peter Hodson is available to comment on the sewage dump currently ongoing in Montreal. Eight billion litres of wastewater are being dumped into the St. Lawrence River to allow for necessary repairs to the infrastructure of the city’s sewer system.

Dr. Hodson says he is concerned about a number of issues with the dump, including monitoring and the impact on the fish population in the St. Lawrence River.

“What exactly will be monitored, over what time scale, and who will do it,” asks Dr. Hodson. “Will monitoring be an expanded version of existing monitoring, and did that monitoring encompass the locations where the effluent will be diluted? Are there baseline data for the kind of responses that might be caused by raw sewage? If not, can monitoring detect a change should one occur?

“Should there be an impact (e.g., an exceedance of a water quality guideline; a fish kill; impairment of fish reproduction; human health advisory, etc), will charges be laid under the Fisheries Act?  Who will pay or be responsible for clean-up? And what compensation would be offered for those affected?”

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