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Available Expert - Super Bowl 51 is more than just a football game

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Queen’s University experts Kip Pegley, Ken Wong and Monica LaBarge are available to comment on various aspects of Super Bowl 51.

Dr. Pegley, an expert in popular music, can comment on the Lady Gaga halftime show and how big that event has become, even for non-football fans.

“There are actually three shows that night - the football game itself, the commercials, and the halftime show,” says Dr. Pegley. “I'm one of those people who record it for the halftime performances. It's so prestigious and lucrative for the musicians--who will make money from future album and ticket sales--that Lady Gaga reportedly isn't even being paid for her actual performance. Between Gaga's new album coming out sometime this year and the huge Super Bowl viewing audience worldwide, the performance will eventually pay her back fivefold because her songs will serve as trailers for her next album." 

Dr. LaBarge, a marketing expert, is available to comment on the American advertising angle.

“Social media has really multiplied the effect of Super Bowl commercials and made that advertising time more valuable than ever,” says Dr. LaBarge. “The reach of the American commercials, which Canadians will be able to view for the first time, now extends beyond the actual viewers of the game, thanks to social media.”

Please note Dr. LaBarge is only available for print interviews.

Professor Wong, a business and marketing expert, can also comment on American advertising content now being available in Canada.

“The recent ruling that does not allow for substitution of Canadian ads for those shown in the United States is unprecedented. It deals a clear economic blow to the NFL and to their Canadian broadcasting partners. However, it also provides a bonus for United States firms whose products are sold in Canada,” says Professor Wong. “Small wonder this year’s 30 second ads will cost roughly $5 million USD . Automobile and beverage companies will continue to dominate this year’s list of advertisers followed by snack foods and candy.”

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