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AVAILABLE EXPERT - Terror attacks in Brussels

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Queen’s University expert Wagdy Loza is available for comment on the terrorist attacks in Brussels. Early this morning, explosions ripped through the Brussels Airport and the subway system.

“Like everybody else I am shocked and sorry for the terrorist's attacks in Brussels. However, I am not surprised. I have been warning about the increase in these incidents for a long time,” says Dr. Loza. “These extremists have a strong commitment to their beliefs and ideologies and they defend them with enormous emotional passion. Their enthusiasm makes them exceptionally dangerous and lethal in their attacks.

“I hope that these incidents put an end to the theories that attempted to explain terrorism in terms of poverty, poor education, lack of opportunities, mental illness, etc. The first few factors may play a minor role but they are not the main one. The main one is ideologies related to Jihad.”

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