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Available Expert - Violence breaks out at President Trump rally

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Queen’s University expert Vincent Mosco is available to comment on last night’s presidential rally in Phoenix and the resulting violent demonstrations. After President Donald Trump finished his rally, protestors and police clashed outside the arena.

Dr. Mosco watched the rally last night and had this reaction.

“What can you say about a president that come to the home state of a war hero and someone fighting cancer and attacks him,” says Dr. Mosco referring to President Trump’s veiled reference to Senator John McCain. Though he didn’t mention Senator McCain by name, the crowd knew who he was referring to.

“The event was vintage Trump,” he says. “But what I noticed was, despite the big crowds at the beginning, many people left early. And this was a crowd handpicked by the president. Those people that remained just sat on the grass and checked out their phone. His speech was over an hour and people just lost interest.”

As for the violence after the rally, Dr. Mosco says it’s only going to get worse unless there is a major change.

Please note, Dr. Mosco is in Ottawa today and only available by phone or email.

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