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Monday, August 24, 2015

The following Queen's University experts are available for comment.

Lynda Colgan (Faculty of Education) - Queen's University education expert Lynda Colgan is available for comment on the transition from primary to secondary school and the challenges for students and their parents.

“Most adolescents find the thought of the shift from elementary to secondary school difficult because they believe that it is a journey from a relatively less demanding institution (socially and academically) to a relatively more demanding one.  When moving from elementary to secondary school, adolescents believe that they will suddenly lose status: going from the oldest students in the school to the youngest. Parents play a key role in supporting their children through this critical period of change: helping them to be hopeful about their new status as “teens,” and keeping them open to the positive potential of new friends, experiences, opportunities, challenges and learning.  By focusing the early adolescent child’s attention on the positive benefits of “fresh starts” and celebrating the untapped potential that lies within her, we help her to unlock the door to immediate and future success and satisfaction.  When you child’s mindset is positive―she believes that she can learn, grow, achieve and succeed―it is more likely that she will.“

Keith McWhirter (IT Services) - Queen’s University technology expert is available to comment on using the cloud and mobile computing for students.

“Smartphones are becoming the new laptop, and the laptops are used more as the ‘support’ for the mobile devices,” says Mr. McWhirter. “This is made possible by the growth of services in the cloud and the ability of many students to work and store their information there and have less requirement for a computer with a large storage capacity and processing power.”

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