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AVAILABLE EXPERTS – Back-To-School Update

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The following Queen's University experts are available for comment.

Tandy Thomas (Queen’s School of Business) - Queen's University business expert Tandy Thomas is available for comment on back-to-school shopping, the conflict between the “what’s cool” with “what’s affordable” and the marketing of back-to-school products.

“Back-to-school is a complex time for families and marketers. From a practical perspective, stuff needs to be purchased and huge amounts of money are spent getting students set up for the new year. This can often lead to struggles between parents and children about what is needed vs. wanted, and with parents and students struggling to find the balance between practical frugality and presumed social inclusion. At the same time, this is also time of renewal, hope, possibility, new beginnings, and, for some, the start of a new chapter in life. Taken together, this makes back-to-school, and the marketing/advertising that goes along with it, an intricate combination of exciting life experiences, rituals, tensions, and commerce merged into one.”

Rina Gupta (Psychology) - Queen’s University expert Rina Gupta is available to comment on helping your child through major  back-to-school transitions.

“Whether your child is about to start kindergarten, middle-school, or high school for the first time, it is perfectly normal for many  to be experiencing significant apprehension and/or anxiety. In general, we all fear the “unknown”, but for children who rely on familiarity and routine to get through their day, there is an added element insecurity when facing novel situations and big changes.”

Lynda Colgan (Faculty of Education) and Keith McWhirter (IT Services) remain available for comment on the subjects proposed in yesterday's availabilityAdditional experts will be made available in the coming days. For topics not listed herein, please contact the Queen’s University News and Media Services Department for assistance.

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