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AVAILABLE EXPERTS – Bill C-51 receiving royal assent

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Queen’s University immigration expert Sharry Aiken and terrorism and security expert Christian Leuprecht are available to comment on Bill C-51 which will receive royal assent tomorrow. The controversial bill was introduced at the end of January and sets out to extend Canada’s anti-terror laws.

“Canada's newest anti-terrorism law is a huge setback for human rights and democracy more broadly,” says Professor Aiken. “The amendments will make it easier for the government to subject ordinary citizens to surveillance with insufficient privacy protections; the new law also erodes the rights of non-citizens subject to immigration security certificates even further.”

Dr. Leuprecht has a different view.

“Bill C-51 adapts Canada’s national security instruments to a rapidly evolving threat environment,” says Dr. Leuprecht. “That threat environment has seen a proliferation of radical groups and individuals committed to violent extremism as a means to promote ideologies and worldviews that are fundamentally at odds with Canadian values and our democratic way of life.”

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