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AVAILABLE EXPERTS – Commenting on the 2015 holiday season (Part two in a series)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This week, a number of Queen's University experts are available to comment on topics relating to the holiday season. Topics will cover a wide range of topics, including resolutions, gift giving, and maintaining emotional and physical health during the holidays.

Today, two Queen's University experts are available to comment on insomnia caused by holiday celebrations and successful New Year's resolutions.

Jordan Poppenk (Psychology) is available to comment on New Year’s resolutions and how to succeed.

“Successful New Year’s Eve resolutions likely include a memory component,” says Dr. Poppenk. “When you make a resolution, you're often away with friends, family, perhaps a cottage, or even a new country. This novel environment can feel a world apart when you return to your usual grind. To improve your chances of succeeding in your resolution, select a resolution that involves something you can't ignore, like quitting smoking, rather than something new and displaced like to ‘work out more’. Create a system of reminders, such as a daily alarm on your phone or a message taped to your door that you see each time you go out. Finally, post your commitment somewhere public and ask your friends to check in on your progress. You'll be motivated to not disappoint them.”

Judith Davidson (Psychology) is available to comment on getting the proper amount of sleep during the holiday season and insomnia in adults.

“Many factors can contribute to poor sleep at this time of year, including excitement, stress, hectic schedules, social obligations, family get-togethers, loneliness, awareness of losses, pressure to be happy, alcohol, big meals, late nights, dark days and changes in routine,” says Dr. Davidson.

From part one of our holiday expert availability, Keith McWhirter (Associate Director, Information Technology Services) is able to comment on holiday technology trends for 2015 and Nick Bala (Law) is available to comment on issues associated with custody, access and parenting arrangements at this time of year.

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