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AVAILABLE EXPERTS: Pan Am Games get underway Friday

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Queen’s University security expert Christian Leuprecht and urban planning expert Ajay Agarwal are available to comment on the Pan Am Games. The Games start Friday and run for two weeks.

Traffic concerns in Toronto have been in the news for several weeks leading up to the Games and Dr. Agarwal can comment on the various traffic management techniques organizers are utilizing and the impact on the public.

“Such large scale events generate temporary excessive demand for travel, which is best dealt with demand management techniques such as high occupancy vehicle lanes etc.,” says Dr. Agarwal. “It is a more efficient use of existing transport infrastructure, rather than building additional infrastructure at a very high cost.

“A longer vision could be that such travel demand management schemes may actually lead commuters to alter their travel behaviour permanently. For example, some might continue to carpool even after traffic restrictions have been lifted, to share the burden of driving to save gas and parking costs. One criticism I have is that it was a great opportunity for the province to invest in transit infrastructure before the Games, but it remains a lost opportunity.”

Dr. Leuprecht, who is an expert in terrorism, security threats and violent extremism, can comment on the security measures being taken at the Games to ensure the safety of participants and spectators. The cost of securing the Games has reached $239 million.

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