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Title Department(s) Expertise
Wong, Kenneth Business, Smith School of Advertising, Business Strategy, Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Perspectives, MBA Programs, Strategic Management, High-Technology Marketing
Woo, Kevin Nursing, School of Advanced Wound consultant, enhancing chronic disease self-management, diabetes self management
Wright, Alexander Arts and Science, Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy, Department of Low energy solar neutrinos, neutrinoless double beta decay, geoneutrinos, and reactor antineutrinos
Wyss, Urs Peter Engineering and Applied Science, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Department of, Rehabilitation Therapy, School of Orthopaedic Implants,Human Motion Analysis, Aids for Individuals with a Disability, kinematics and kinetics during activities of daily living (ADL) in different cultures (hip, knee and ankle), design of mechanical devices for individuals with a disability, design of an artificial knee joint
Xiaolong Yang Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Department of
Yael Schlick Arts and Science, English Language and Literature, Department of Travel writing autobiography American poetry
Yan-Fei Liu Engineering and Applied Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of How to best utilize the benefits of GaN and SiC devices to explore the full advantage of these devices so that small size and high efficiency power converters can be designed.
Yeomans, Richard Arts and Science, History, Department of 18th century British North America, early Canadian studies and the development of the Atlantic region, metanarratives of loyalism within the American Revolution, Loyalist opposition to violence as a mechanism of change within revolutionary British America
Yi Ning Strube Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Ophthalmology, Department of
Yoanna Skrobik Health Sciences, Medicine, School of
Yolande Bouka Arts and Science, Political Studies, Department of African politics and foreign policies, conflict prevention, risk analysis, political violence, women and non-armed state groups, peace and security in Africa
Youmans, Sandy Education Early learning, Full-day Kindergarten (FDK), development of self-regulation in young children, literacy and numeracy development in young children, online learning
Young, Pamela Arts and Science, Religion, School of Religion and sexuality, religion and gender, same-sex marriage, religion and culture, religious diversity, contemporary Christianity
Young, Paul Arts and Science, Biology, Department of cell proliferation, ion transport, development, microscopy, molecular genetics, cell division, genomics
Yousefi, Shahram Engineering and Applied Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Communications (electrical), Communication theory, wireless, Communications, Telecom, Digital Communications; Channel Coding, Error control coding, forward error correction (FEC); Information Theory; DSL Technologies; WiFi and WIMAX; Cicuit Theory; Probability Theory; Network coding, Bittorrent, the Internet
Yuka Asai Health Sciences, Medicine, School of
Zak, Gennady Engineering and Applied Science, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Department of Laser Welding of Plastics, Laser Machining of Ceramics, Rapid Tooling, and Prototyping Engineering Graphics, Robotic Interception of Moving Targets, Active Vision System for Object Recognition, Robot Calibration, Kinematic Modeling of Modular Robots
Zamble, Edward Arts and Science, Psychology, Department of Criminal behavior, imprisonment and rehabilitation, attitudes toward crime, prediction of criminal recidivism
Zechel, David Arts and Science, Chemistry, Department of
Zoutman, Dick Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Medicine, Department of bioterrorism, infectious disease, surveillance and prevention, cost-benefit analyses of infection prevention programs, diagnostic microbiology. Bacteriology, medical microbiology, epidemiology of antibiotic use in clinical practice, epidemiology and control of hospital-acquired infections
Zsuzsa Csergő Arts and Science, Political Studies, Department of
Zuk, Ireneus Arts and Science, Drama and Music, Dan School of Music,Performance,Contemporary music,Canadian music (i.e. music by Canadian composers Piano concertos (Canadian),Music by Ukrainian composers (especially but not exclusively contemporary) Piano Concerto by Canadian Composers - a Bibliographic Study.
Zureik, Elia Arts and Science, Sociology, Department of