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    Title Department(s) Expertise
    Brown, R. Stanley Arts and Science, Chemistry, Department of Military chemical weapons, destruction of chemical weapons, Catalytic phosphoryl and acyl group transfer, Kinetic resolution using metal ion catalysts, Palladacycle promoted transesterification of phosphorothionates and phosphonothionates, Dinuclear catalysts for cleavage of phosphates
    Brown, Stephen Arts and Science, Chemistry, Department of, Environmental Studies, School of Water quality issues, water purification, environmental contaminants
    Bryant, Timothy Arts and Science, Kinesiology and Health Studies, School of, Engineering and Applied Science, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Department of, Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Surgery, Department of Knee mechanics, artificial joints, ergonomics
    Bu, Nailin Business, Smith School of Asia Pacific, international business, cross-cultural management, international human resource management
    Buchan, Bruce Business, Smith School of Business history, strategic management, history of the management and strategy of the East India Company
    Buchanan, Susan Arts and Science, Psychology, Department of Psychology/psychiatry, mental health, anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, eating disorders
    Burfoot, Annette Arts and Science, Sociology, Department of Science & Technology Studies (reproductive technologies, genetic engineering, human anatomy and manufacture), Feminist Social Thought, Visual Culture
    Burge, John Arts and Science, Drama and Music, Dan School of Music composition, Canada's classical music industry
    Burge, Philip Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Psychiatry, Department of Adoption in Ontario (public adoptions), developmental disabilities and mental health
    Butler, Brian Arts and Science, Psychology, Department of Attention and visual perception, reading and reading disabilities, perception and memory, word recognition, text comprehension
    Caitlin Miron Arts and Science, Chemistry, Department of Cancer
    Calluzzo, Paul Business, Smith School of Finance, institutional investors, corporate governance, mutual fund performance, empirical asset pricing
    Campbell, Peter Arts and Science, History, Department of Canadian working class, women's history, Aboriginal history, the history of Quebec, history of anarchist and socialist thought
    Cannon, William Business, Smith School of Corporate finance, finance, financial management, regulatory economics
    Cao Thang Dinh Engineering and Applied Science, Chemical Engineering, Department of
    Carl Bray Arts and Science, History, Department of
    Carlos Escobedo Engineering and Applied Science, Chemical Engineering, Department of
    Carlos Prado Arts and Science, Philosophy, Department of
    Carlos Yu Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Family Medicine, Department of
    Carmen Celestini Arts and Science, Religion, School of, Sociology, Department of field religion social studyspecifically in the field of improvisational conspiracy, the overlapping belief systems of apocalyptic Christian thought and conspiracy theories, and the impact of these beliefs on the American political system.
    Carmichael, Lorne Arts and Science, Economics, Department of Labour Market Institutions; Implicit Contracts; Incentives; Evolutionary Models
    Caroline Tuck Health Sciences Diet and nutrition, Diet for gastroenterology, Irritable bowel syndrome, Inflammatory bowel disease, Coeliac disease
    Caroline Wallace Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Psychiatry, Department of Mental Health & Illness, Depression, Mood & Anxiety Disorders, Gut-Brain Axis, Probiotics, Clinical Trials
    Carolyn DeLoyde Arts and Science, Geography and Planning, Department of
    Carolyn Prouse Arts and Science, Geography and Planning, Department of Informal settlements in cities in the Global South, sport mega event infrastructure construction and dispossession of local communities, networks and markets in breastfeeding, undue burdens on women with respect to infant health (eg breastfeeding, vaccinations, etc).
    Caron, Caroline-Isabelle Arts and Science, History, Department of Historical anthropology, Quebec and Acadian history and culture, intellectual history, popular culture, fan studies, commemoration
    Carpenter, Mary W Arts and Science, English Language and Literature, Department of, Gender Studies, Department of History of sexuality, masculinity and gender, Victorian literature
    Carrington, Tucker Arts and Science, Chemistry, Department of, Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy, Department of Theoretical chemistry, calculating spectra, numerical algorithms, theoretical and computational research in molecular quantum physics
    Carson, James Arts and Science, History, Department of Ethnohistory of colonial and early national America
    Carson, Scott Business, Smith School of Business ethics, corporate social responsibility, management education, corporate governance, strategic management
    Cartledge, John Engineering and Applied Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Optical fiber communication systems, telecommunication transmission systems
    Casselman, John Arts and Science, Biology, Department of
    Catherine Donnelly Health Sciences, Rehabilitation Therapy, School of Occupational Therapy Aging and Health Programs
    Catherine Normandeau Health Sciences, Neuroscience Graduate Program, Centres and Services, Office of the VP (Research), Centre for Neuroscience Studies The relationship between chronic stress and anxiety disorders.
    Cathleen Hoeniger Arts and Science, Art, Department of cultural heritage preservation,the impact of military conflicts, looting or theft, natural disasters, climate change and other factors on the survival of monuments and works of art at a global level.
    Cathy Vakil Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Family Medicine, Department of Health and environment, pessary maintenance
    Celeste Pedri-Spade Arts and Science, Global Development Studies
    Celina Caesar- Chavannes Health Sciences lead role in the recruitment and retention of a Black learners in Faculty of Health Sciences programs
    Chad Walker Wind energy, renewable energy, environmental policy
    Chamberlain, Daniel Arts and Science, Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Department of 20th century Spanish American narrative, Mexican corrido, Literary History and oral narrative traditions, contemporary literary theory, narrative perspective
    Champagne, Allen Health Sciences, Neuroscience Graduate Program, Neuroscience Studies, Centre for
    Chan, Yolande Business, Smith School of Knowledge management, innovation, information technology strategy, business IT alignment
    Charlie Hindmarch Health Sciences, Medicine, School of genomics transcriptomics molecular medicine. Dr. Hindmarch can currently comment on the genetics of viral mutations, specifically the new SARS-CoV-2 variants, and how to sequencing the different variants.
    Charlotte Gibson Engineering and Applied Science, Mining, The Robert M. Buchan Department of
    Chaykowski, Richard Arts and Science, Centres and Services Unions and labour relations, workplace change and technology, globalization, labour policy, labour market institutions, collective bargaining
    Che Colpitts Health Sciences, Medicine, School of, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Department of Antiviral therapy, RNA viruses, Hepatitis C virus, Viral entry, Viral pathogenesis, Virus-host interactions
    Chelsea Elliott careers
    Chen, Dongmei Arts and Science, Environmental Studies, School of Spatial analysis, GIS, remote sensing, image classification, environmental monitoring, spatial-temporal disease modeling
    Cheng, Liying Education Foreign language education, language testing, curriculum program and design, English as a Second language, acculturation of immigrants
    Chin, Peter Education Teacher education, Science education, High school co-operative education, Workplace learning