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Media Advisory - Queen's University hosts Canada at 150: Federalism and Democratic Renewal

Thursday, June 15, 2017

KINGSTON – Now in its third decade, the State of the Federation conference series presented by the Queen's Institute of Intergovernmental Relations (IIGR) examines contemporary challenges facing Canada.

A series of panels will examine some of the fundamental governance issues facing Canada including senate reform, electoral reform, and Aboriginal governance. The conference will also focus on the federal government’s changing relationship with municipalities.


The conference’s roster of speakers will focus on enduring questions about the functioning of federalism and intergovernmental relations in Canada, including how we should evaluate the quality of Canada’s institutions and practices in light of our federal structure, and how current institutional arrangements and their possible alternatives fare according to these criteria.


Federalism and Democratic Institutions: Constitution, The Courts and The Senate - Friday, June 16 at 1:30 pm.

Chair: Craig McFadyen, Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs, Cabinet Office of the Government of Ontario. Panelists: Erin Crandall, Acadia University; Robert Schertzer, University of Toronto; Janet Hiebert, Queen’s University; Emmett Macfarlane, University of Waterloo; David E. Smith, University of Regina and Ryerson University.

Federal and Democratic Institutions: Electoral Systems - Friday, June 16 at 3:30 pm.

Chair: Nadia Verrelli, Political Science, Laurentian University. Panelists: Jonathan Rose, Queen’s University; Patricia Mockler, Queen’s University; Anna Drake, University of Waterloo; Margaret Moore, Queen’s University; Laura Levick, Queen’s University & Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Indigenous Governance - Saturday, June 17 at 8:45 am

Chair: Leslie Seidle, Institute for Research on Public Policy. Panelists: Kiera Ladner, University of Manitoba; Tony Penikett, Former Premier of Yukon Territory; Simon Fraser University; Darian “Wiiwakaa’ige” Baskatawang, Primary Advocate for Youth, Chiefs of Ontario.

Keynote address by Jean-Marc Fournier, Minister of Canadian Relations and the Canadian Francophonie, Government of Quebec - Saturday, June 17 at noon.


Donald Gordon Conference Center, 421 Union Street.


Dr. Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant, organizer
613-533-6240 or elizabeth.goodyeargrant@queensu.ca

Mark Erdman