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Available Expert- Audit of Refugee Protection Division to be released today

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Queen’s University refugee law expert Sharry Aiken is available to comment on the long-awaited audit of the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) to be released today. It is anticipated the review will identify a number of concerns in relation to the RPD’s procedures, productivity and results accountability.

“The reviewer’s recommendations may be controversial and there will be interest in the report - particularly as the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) is increasingly an undeserved target of anti-refugee sentiment in wake of escalating concerns about Canada’s border policies,” says Professor Aiken.

Professor Aiken will be taking a close look at the extent to which the reviewer's recommendations acknowledge the reforms already implemented over the past year since the appointment of the RPD’s new Deputy Chair in May 2017 - and whether or not the reviewer has proposed integration of "pre-removal assessments" within the mandate of the RPD.

“In 2012, when the government of the day implemented significant changes to refugee procedures, the amended Immigration and Refugee Protection Act proposed expanding the mandate of the RPD to ensure that refugee claimants had ‘one good kick at the can’  says Professor Aiken. “Responsibility for pre-removal risk assessments were to be transferred to the IRB, but the Harper government ‘postponed’ the transfer and ultimately implemented regulations vesting responsibility for these reviews with the federal bureaucracy.”

Contact Professor Aiken directly at 416 529-0379.

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