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News Release - Queen's University project focuses on bird populations and the impact of urbanization

Monday, January 20, 2020

(January 2020) Ontario’s cities are rapidly expanding, posing a serious threat to wildlife. To better understand why some birds thrive in cities while so many others do not, and to find ways to make Ontario’s cities more bird friendly, scientists need to know which species do and do not breed in our cities.

Queen’s University associate professor Dr. Fran Bonier is compiling the first comprehensive lists of bird species that regularly breed in 15 of Ontario’s metro areas, as well as a list of birds that occur regionally but do not breed in cities. This will contribute to her research into how urbanization has impacted birds and will continue to impact them as cities grow.

Dr. Bonier’s new project is relying on expert birders, naturalists and ornithologists to complete surveys on the avifauna of Ontario cities.


“We recognize the wealth of knowledge and expertise birders and naturalists possess – more than is available in any book or published resource. We are hoping you will share that knowledge to help us better understand how urbanization has impacted birds and will continue to affect them as Ontario’s cities grow.”

- Fran Bonier, Biology, Queen’s University


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Anne Craig

Media Relations Officer