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News Release - Top training fellowships awarded to women in research at Queen's University

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

KINGSTON - Two Queen’s University postdoctoral trainees have been named Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Fellows. Dr. Serisha Moodley and Dr. Caroline Tuck were awarded research fellowships.

A CIHR fellowship is one of the most prestigious awards in Canada for early career researchers. The fellowships provide postdoctoral research fellows an opportunity to continue their research while lessening their financial burden. It also gives them opportunities to participate in both national and international meetings and conferences, as well as form collaborations to showcase their knowledge and skills to the international scientific community and industry.

“Finding your place in the research community has been historically more challenging for women,” says Dr. Lois Mulligan. “We need to encourage these exceptional women, provide them with mentors who can help them navigate through often hostile or indifferent academic and research environments and, most importantly, celebrate their successes like these CIHR fellowship.”

Dr. Moodley combines chemistry with cell and molecular biology to investigate the role of biomarkers involved in lung cancer alongside Dr. Lois Mulligan, Professor of Pathology and Molecular Medicine and member of the Division of Cancer Biology and Genetics at Queen's University's Cancer Research Institute .

“My overall goal is to develop more effective personalized treatments for lung cancer patients through the use of genetic and protein expression profiles,” she says. “As the first woman in my family to have the opportunity to pursue a post-secondary education and achieve a PhD, this fellowship validates my aspirations as a scientist and determination to strive for excellence in health research.”

Dr. Tuck is working with Stephen Vanner in the Gastrointestinal Diseases Research Unit (GIDRU). Her work focuses on the role of diet in gastrointestinal conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. Her project is affiliated with Hotel Dieu Hospital and will examine the effects of altering dietary carbohydrate intake on gastrointestinal conditions.

“I am greatly appreciative of the opportunity and am absolutely honoured to have been awarded this fellowship,” says Dr. Tuck. “Being awarded this fellowship significantly enhances my research portfolio and I hope it will assist me to secure future research opportunities. The award also highlights the calibre of Dr. Vanner’s leadership and the quality of the team at the GIDRU.”

For more information visit the CIHR website.

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