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Available Expert - Pope Francis endorses same sex unions in new documentary Thu, October 22 2020
Available Expert - Changes coming to US presidential debate including muted microphones Wed, October 21 2020
Available Expert - Ford Government announces plans for the "digital wallet" Tue, October 20 2020
Available Expert - How will New Zealanders vote on Cannabis? Tue, October 13 2020
Available Expert - Ontario Government plans pandemic measures to combat spread of COVID-19 Fri, October 9 2020
Available Expert - Remembering Guitar Rock Legend Eddie Van Halen Wed, October 7 2020
Available Expert - Federal Government pledges to ban single use plastics by 2021 Wed, October 7 2020
Available Expert - Federal government's climate policy hangs in the balance Tue, September 22 2020
Available Expert - Major announcement coming today from Royal Astronomical Society Mon, September 14 2020
Available Expert - Hurricane Laura batters the Louisiana coastline with an intensity the region has not seen in over a century Thu, August 27 2020
Available Expert - NBA players hold historic boycott to shed light on racial injustice Thu, August 27 2020
Available Expert - How COVID-19 is affecting children’s sleep patterns Wed, August 19 2020
Available Expert - Chrystia Freeland sworn in as Finance Minister Wed, August 19 2020
Available Expert - Queen's University expert comments on Canadian court ruling Safe Third Country pact with US is invalid Wed, July 22 2020
Available Expert - A bright rare comet in the low dark sky Mon, July 20 2020
Available Expert - Queen’s University expert comments on Pearson Airport layoffs Tue, July 14 2020
Available Expert - Canada to unveil COVID-19 contact tracing app despite questions about technology’s effectiveness Fri, June 19 2020
Available Expert - Quaker Oats to remove the Aunt Jemima Brand that it says is “based on a racial stereotype” Thu, June 18 2020
Available Expert - United Nations prepares to vote on newest member of Security Council Tue, June 16 2020
Available Expert - Queen’s University expert discusses impact on consumers and business as regulations loosen Thu, June 11 2020
Available Expert - SpaceX prepares to blast off in historic launch Tue, May 26 2020
Available Expert - A truly black hole Thu, May 7 2020
Understanding the latest COVID-19 modelling numbers Fri, May 1 2020
Available Expert - Celebrating 420 in the middle of a pandemic Mon, April 20 2020
Available Expert - Post-separation parenting in the time of COVID-19 Thu, March 26 2020
Available Expert - COVID 19: Queen's University researchers offer expertise Mon, March 23 2020
Available Expert - Insurance companies not covering coronavirus-related trip cancellations Thu, March 5 2020
Available Expert - Advertisers taking advantage of consumers during coronavirus outbreak Thu, March 5 2020
Available Expert - Queen's University expert comments on the passing of John Mann Thu, November 21 2019
Available Expert - India set to launch nationwide facial recognition system Thu, November 7 2019
Available Expert - Queen's University immigration expert appears in court as Federal government examines Safe Third Country Agreement Mon, November 4 2019
Available Expert - Extreme red flag warning issued as fires rage around Los Angeles Wed, October 30 2019
Available Expert - Hurricane Dorian tracks slowly to the United States Tue, September 3 2019
Available Expert - Ebola outbreak now an international health emergency Thu, July 18 2019
Available Expert - Facebook a no show as House of Commons privacy and ethics committee discusses digital security Tue, May 28 2019
Available Expert - New report says Huawei products continue to have security risks and significant vulnerabilities Thu, March 28 2019
Available Expert - Recent Canadian and international reports reveal some startling numbers around World TB Day Wed, March 20 2019
Available Expert - Changes to Special Investigations Unit announced today Tue, February 19 2019
Available Expert - Tim Hortons co-founder Ron Joyce dies at 88 Fri, February 1 2019
Available Expert - Fourteen dead after attack in Nairobi Wed, January 16 2019