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ARC pool remains closed

The ARC pool is currently closed for maintenance and no date has yet been set to reopen it.

Queen’s Athletics & Recreation is committed to safely re-opening our facilities for our members and staff in alignment with public health and university guidance.

The Government of Ontario recently announced swimming pools could reopen, subject to a number of conditions. We are currently reviewing these conditions to determine the feasibility and timeline of reopening the ARC pool, given the following circumstances:

  • The ARC pool is not directly accessible by members; it is accessed through an indoor recreational facility that is currently not permitted to open.
  • When the ARC closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March, the pool was drained to mitigate risk, a common practice across the sector.
  • With the projected length of closure, a number of major maintenance projects were undertaken in the pool space. These include filter upgrades, restoration of the wall target lane markers, lighting upgrades, equipment updates, and extensive cleaning. Some of these projects are still  underway, and must be completed prior to re-opening.
  • Based on direction/guidance provided by KFL&A Public Health, Red Cross, and LifeSaving Society, and due to the length of time the pool has been out of operation, reopening must be carried out in compliance with an extensive process to ensure the pool’s safe operation, including the re-hiring, orientation and training of staff under the new provincial guidelines and procedures.

The health and safety of all our members is a top priority. We are eager to welcome the community back to our spaces as soon as it is feasible to do so, and in alignment with public health and University guidelines. Our work on the pool will continue, but we do not currently have a timeline for reopening the pool or other indoor athletic facilities. 


We continue to closely monitor the situation,  and we will continue to post updates about facility status, programming, and activities at gogaelsgo.com/covidupdate.