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UPDATE: Back-up generator at Robert Sutherland Hall out of service


The back-up generator at Robert Sutherland Hall was restored to service at approximately 2:30 pm on Monday, Jan. 29). In the event of a power failure, normal generator coverage will ensure that life safety systems (emergency lighting, exit lights and fire alarm panel) remain operational.


The back-up generator at Robert Sutherland Hall will be out of service while replacement parts are shipped and installed. Please ensure that all building users of Robert Sutherland Hall, MacDonald Hall and Mackintosh-Corry Hall are aware of the following:

In the event of a power failure, the fire alarm systems in each of these buildings will continue to fully function on battery backup, however emergency lights and exits signs will not be illuminated. This will be less of an issue during daylight hours where sunlight enters the building. Outside of daytime hours, and in areas without natural lighting, it will be dark during a power outage. Building occupants need to take steps to ensure they can safely exit the building in the event of a power failure. If a power outage is expected to continue more than 30 minutes the building should not be occupied.

The arrival of the replacement parts and the subsequent repairs to the generator are expected to occur on Monday; however, updates on the status of the back-up generator will be provided in a separate notices.

For more information, please contact Fixit at ext. 77301 or by email.