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Campus Bookstore to fulfill student textbook purchases online

With the recent necessity for remote course delivery and the development of alternative solutions, students need access to a variety of course material choices, so the Campus Bookstore is working to help by sourcing digital course materials for students whenever possible. The Campus Bookstore can facilitate most digital formats, and most commercial and free models, and can assist with alternative as well. It is also a subscriber to Campus eBookstore, a digital distribution platform that partners with education publishers and open educational resource providers to deliver a range of resources, including digital commercial course materials, access codes, etexts, open educational resources, custom course packs, and faculty-authored content.

Publisher and delivery lead times are stressed and lengthening, so Campus Bookstore staff is asking faculty to notify them of titles that will be used in Fall courses as soon as possible. This will allow them to secure sufficient supplies for Queen's University students and ensure course materials are in place . The team will be fulfilling most student textbook purchases online this September and will strive to deliver required course materials to students prior to the start of classes, whenever possible.

Faculty are encouraged to submit their textbook adoptions. All questions can be sent to frontdesk@campusbookstore.com.