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    Campus Electricity Demand Reduction Update for the week of Aug. 10

    Due to moderate temperatures, the provincial electrical demand has decreased. As such, there are currently no expected Electricity Response Days for the week of Aug. 10. We will send notification again next week to keep you informed.

    Queen’s participation in the peak demand management program this year will potentially save the university $1 million on its electricity costs in 2015-16 and contribute to a sustainable energy system in Ontario.

    The university’s annual electricity bill is roughly $11.5 million, with approximately 45% of that amount attributable to a charge called the “Global Adjustment” (GA). The GA is applied to the electricity bills of Ontario’s large electricity users based on their proportion of total provincial demand during the five peak demand hours from the previous year. It was established to recover costs associated with renewable power generation and other power contracts, and to create an incentive for large electricity users to reduce their consumption during peak demand periods and thereby reduce or delay the need to purchase electricity or construct new power generation capacity, both of which can carry financial and environmental costs. See more information

    Those with questions about this program may contact Fixit at extension 77301 (internal), 613-533-6757 (external) or by e-mail.