Celebrating employment milestones at Queen’s

Celebration of Service

Celebrating employment milestones at Queen’s

Faculty and staff members recognized for their continuous contributions at Celebration of Service event.

June 10, 2024


25 years honourees pose for group photo at the Celebration of Service.

Among those recognized at the Celebration of Service were staff and faculty who have worked at Queen's for 25 years. (Queen's University/Bernard Clark)

Queen’s University honoured faculty and staff who reached milestone years of continuous service during the 2024 Celebration of Service dinner and reception at Ban Righ Dining Hall on Thursday, June 6.

A total of 120 staff and faculty members were celebrated for their contributions and for reaching employment milestones of 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 55 years.

The event was attended by honourees and their guests, and was hosted by Principal and Vice-Chancellor Patrick Deane and Lisa Walsh, Interim Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources).

“Celebrating longstanding employees at Queen’s is such a special event and I am privileged to host and have the opportunity to thank our colleagues for their dedication to their roles, to students, and to the university,” says Principal Deane, who spoke at the event. “I am grateful for their years of service and the impact they have in making Queen’s what it is today.”

Principal Patrick Deane with William Cannon, Peter Taylor, and Ireneus Zuk.

Principal Patrick Deane helped recognize faculty and staff who have reached employment milestones, including, from left William Cannon (50 years), Smith School of Business, Peter Taylor (55 years), Mathematics & Statistics, and Ireneus Zuk, (50 years) Dan School of Drama & Music. Beverley Baines (Law), not in photo, also reached 50 years. (Queen's University/Bernard Clark)

Congratulations to the following employees as they celebrate a milestone at Queen’s this year:

Richard Ascough, School of Religion    
Timothy Blackwell, Smith Business Videoconferencing    
Kathy Brock, School of Policy Studies
Diane Caverley, Canadian Cancer Trials Group
Robert Connelly, Paediatrics    
Helen Coo, Paediatrics
Jean Cote, School of Kinesiology & Health Studies    
Mandy Daniel, Undergraduate Program (BCom) Smith Business
Jane Davies, Mechanical & Materials Engineering    
Kevin Dennison, IT Services        
Suzanne DeSousa, Psychology    
Betsy Donald, Vice-Principal (Research) Portfolio        
Christopher Fanning, English    
Janice Flegg, Canadian Cancer Trials Group    
Carrie Fraser, SEAMO Admin Team
Saeed Gazor, Electrical & Computer Engineering    
Heather Grant, Human Mobility Research Centre        
Martin Guay, Mathematics & Statistics    
Hossam Hassanein, School of Computing    
Laura Henderson, Canadian Cancer Trials Group
Emily Hill, History
Daniel Howes, Emergency Medicine
Kari Hurst, Surgery    
Louisa Jennings, Financial Services        
Arunima Khanna, Student Wellness Services        
Marianna Kontopoulou, Chemical Engineering    
Amy Lalonde, Office of the University Registrar
Dan Langham, Environmental Health & Safety        
Ron Leakey, Smith Business IT
Shari Leeson, Canadian Cancer Trials Group
Yan-Fei Liu, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Tracy Lott, Continuing Teacher Education    
Stephen Lougheed, Environmental Studies    
Ryan Luney, Strategic Procurement Services        
Tara MacDonald, Psychology    
Edward Maracle, Chemistry    
Thomas Martinek, Environmental Health & Safety        
Kirsty Milne, IT Services    
Kelly Moore, Centre Neuroscience Studies        
Kim Murphy, Office of Risk & Safety Services        
Gema Olivo, Geological Science    
Wendy Parulekar, Medicine        
Lindsey Patterson, Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine    
Nancy Petri, Library System        
Cheryl Power, School of Rehabilitation Therapy        
Stanly Prunster, Civil Engineering        
Lucy Russo-Smith, Centre Neuroscience Studies    
Ian Sempowski, Family Medicine        
Christopher Simpson, Medicine - Cardiology        
Jodi Snowdon, Advancement Annual Giving        
Julie Tourond, Animal Care Services        
Jill Trueman, School of Nursing        
Christopher Ward, Biomedical & Molecular Science    
Scott Whetstone, Faculty of Law    
Julie Wimmer, Obstetrics & Gynaecology    

Martha Bailey, Faculty of Law    
Peter Chin, Faculty of Education    
Wendy Craig, Psychology    
Brian Cumming, Environmental Studies        
John Drover, Surgery - General Surgery        
Vicki Friesen, Biology    
Adrianna Gencarelli, Faculty Health Sciences - Office Operations    
Ken Glover, IT Services        
Kelly Goode, School of English    
David Gordon, Geography & Planning    
Charles Graham, Biomedical & Molecular Science        
David Hurlbut, Pathology & Molecular Medicine        
Donna Janiec, Vice-Principal (Finance & Administration)
Will King, Public Health Sciences
David Lebrun, Pathology & Molecular Medicine
Shannyn Macdonald-Goodfellow, Biomedical & Molecular Science
Dimitri Petsikas, Surgery - Cardiothoracic Surgery
John Rossiter, Pathology & Molecular Medicine
Alan Sedgewick, Smith Business Videoconferencing    
Timothy Smith, History    
Nicholas Snider, Postgraduate Services, Medicine
Craig Walker, Dan School of Drama and Music    
Wenyan Wu, Library System

Johanne Benard, French Studies
Annette Burfoot, Sociology and Gender Studies
Deborah Clark, Library System
Laura Esford, Office of the Vice-Provost, Global Engagement
Sherri Ferris, Custodial Management
Mark Fleming, IT Services*
Hugh Flemington, IT Services
Dianne Flint, Faculty of Law
Louis Gagnon, Smith Business Faculty & Support
Robert Gooding, Physics
Elizabeth Hanson, English
Cathleen Hoeniger, Art History
Beverly Lapham, Economics
Corinne Laverty, Library System
Jamie MacMunn, Facilities - Financial Department
Karen McDonell, Custodial - Red Team
Christopher Mueller, Biomedical & Molecular Science
Terrence O'Brien, Family Medicine
Helene Ouellette-Kuntz, Psychiatry
Edward Perry, Facilities - Area One
Lam Pho, Canadian Cancer Trials Group
John Puxty, Family Medicine
Anthony Sanfilippo, Medicine - Cardiology
Rick Sellens, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Rose Silva, School of Graduate Studies & Postdoctoral Affairs - Dean's Office
Betti Stiff, IT Services
Tracy Vyse, Library System
Ross Walker, Surgery - General Surgery

* The Queen’s community remembers and honours Mark Fleming for what would have been his 35 years of service milestone. Mark passed away suddenly on Dec. 11, 2023. Read about Mark in the Queen's Gazette.

Hoshiar Abdollah, Medicine - Cardiology
Julian Barling, Smith Business - General
Marie Edwards, IT Services
Alastair Ferguson, Biomedical & Molecular Science
Charles Hearns, Physics
Glenville Jones, Biomedical & Molecular Science
David Lamb, School of Computing
Peter Lewis, Library System
Annette Lilly, Smith Business - Graduate Program
John Smol, Biology
Margaret Burns, Smith Engineering - Faculty Office

Kayll Lake, Physics

Beverley Baines, Faculty of Law
William Cannon, Smith Business Faculty & Support
Ireneus Zuk, Dan School of Drama & Music

Peter Taylor, Mathematics & Statistics

Helen Coo and Helene Ouelette-Kuntz hold their certificate of recognition

All honourees, including Helen Coo (25 years) and Helene Ouelette-Kuntz (35 years) received a certificate of recognition for their lengthy and dedicated service to Queen's University. (Queen's University/Bernard Clark)

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