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Cleaning frequencies to be reduced in some areas

The university is making changes to how often some spaces on campus are cleaned by custodial staff, beginning Sept. 2. While most areas, including classrooms, washrooms, laboratories, libraries and cafeterias, won’t see any changes, there will be reductions in secondary public spaces and offices.

“The university remains committed to maintaining a clean and safe environment for everyone on campus, and these changes will not compromise health and safety,” says Donna Janiec, Acting Associate Vice-Principal (Facilities). “We have tried to limit these changes to areas with lower traffic, and PPS will monitor buildings closely and make adjustments if required.”

Specifically, the changes include:

  • secondary public spaces (stairwells and corridors not on a main floor or main entryway) will be cleaned three times per week (previously daily)
  • general offices with multiple occupants will be cleaned once per week (previously every other day)
  • individual offices will be cleaned once per month (previously once per week)

The cleaning services in the areas affected are principally floor cleaning, such as damp mopping and vacuuming.

“Queen’s faces a number of financial challenges and had to make some difficult decisions across the university as we work toward financial sustainability,” says John Witjes, Engineering and Operations Director in Physical Plant Services (PPS), who takes over as Associate Vice-Principal (Facilities) in September. “Unfortunately, these difficult decisions included some reductions in our custodial staff earlier this year, and these frequency changes are required as a result.”

“Our custodians take great pride in keeping our campus clean and safe and we thank them for their hard work in maintaining a positive environment for teaching, learning and research at Queen’s,” says Mr. Witjes.

Further information about cleaning schedules and tasks can be found in PPS’s Custodial Care Program manual and anyone with questions may contact FIXIT at ext. 77301, 613-533-6757 or by email.